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Embrace the suck

We dive deep into the crux of the challenges builders are facing while using Blockchain technologies, giving you the proficiency to refine your own strategies, repriorizie your efforts and build confidence to take on the most difficult discourse. Gain face-to-face insights on the toughest parts of  business growth, fundraising, community development, and talent management.


Durable is open to people from all walks of like, however we're meticulously hand-picking startups, mentors, and investors that resonate with our ecosystem goals, one being those building systems that shift power to the users. Our DAO weighs in on our evaluation process to ensure you're surrounded by the right community, building towards measured outcomes that set the stage for a memorable, and productive accelerator experience.

Cultivate your Tribe

But what's an empire without its DAO? We create an immersive networking experience, bridging founders, mentors, and investors, and offer the best of both worlds: a physical lab space and a digital roof. Our private online forums are buzzing full of resource sharing, feedback, and networking opportunities. You’ll be part of a full suite DAO install with our comprehensive community builder sprints. This  incorporates discussion on topics of optional token gating, DAO formation, engagement design, governance structure, community proposals, and treasury management.

Traction Begets Traction

With us, your business comes first, and your technologies fast follows so your growth get the mindshare it deserves. We are your co-pilots, connecting you to critical hires, captial, and strategic partnerships. We also help widen your appeture, exposing you to many facets of what it takes to build a durable business such as navigating the US regulatory landscape, philanthropy and your brand identy to name a few.

Major League Moves: Post-Accelerator

After you graduate from our program, we don’t just wave goodbye. You’re part of the EmpireDAO Tribe, and we collectively accept the resonsibility of building the multi-player future we want to live in, brick by brick. Our alumni network provides continued feedback, connections and resources, ensuring your long-lasting durability. You'll have access to our vibrant communities - investors, developers, designers, and token-gated tribes.

With our DAO driven approach, be prepare to learn earn and grow with our game-changing program. If you want to go far, lets go together.

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