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Membership FAQ

Hello! We are working towards opening a membership-based co-working and social space for innovators who are shaping the future - We're taking the best of Soho House, WeWork and Bell Labs, and creating pathways for members to be rewarded for the time they spend in our buildings.

What is the vision for launching this ?
Our vision is to create a unique collaborative environment where gamers, founders, and artists can coexist, share ideas, and foster innovation. We believe that by merging these three creative and entrepreneurial communities, we can generate unique synergies and opportunities for growth.

We're eyeing our next location in a few places, Jersey City, Pittsburgh amongst the current focus.

How does the membership model work?
Our membership model is tier-based. Members can choose from various levels of access, ranging from basic lounge access to dedicated desks, private offices, podcast rooms, and gaming rooms. Each tier has its pricing, benefits, and access privileges to cater to the diverse needs of our members.

What are your membership offerings?
Daily Hot Desks
Dedicated Desks
Private Offices
Conference Rooms
Art Studio
gg Room Gamer Stations

What type of amenities?
24/7 access
Lightning Fast Wifi
Quality Coffee
Event & Workshop Space
Full Kitchen

Who is launching this?
Hello - Mike and George here. We are the founders of EmpireDAO, an innovation hub that launched a pilot project in Soho, NYC in 2022. It was a raging success among the members, and we've taking the insights learned from this and have designed a differentiated incentive model hat scales with Technology.

Are you open?
No, not yet - that's the goal of this page, to gauge demand and build traction as we identify our next location.

Wait, didn't WeWork just go bankrupt and has a busted model?
Yes. Long term leases with short term users didn't pan out great for traditional business models. We believe there is no better time than the present to introduce new, innovative models to fill vacant office space. Through the use of technology, we unlock fresh and dynamic experiences compared to an otherwise static co-working model.

What types of gaming facilities are available?

Our gaming rooms are equipped with the latest gaming consoles, and competitions with high-performance PCs, and virtual reality setups. They are designed to offer both casual and competitive gamers an unparalleled experience in a community setting.

Can non-members access the space, or is it exclusive to members only?

While our primary focus is to cater to our members, we occasionally offer day-passes and event-based access to non-members. This allows potential members to experience our offerings before committing to a membership. We also airdrop guest passes to our members so that they can share with their network.

Are there any networking events or collaborations planned to cultivate community interaction?

We intend regularly host networking events, workshops, gaming tournaments, art exhibitions, and startup pitches. These events provide our members with opportunities to connect, learn, and collaborate.

What are the terms for memberships? Are there long-term commitments?

We offer flexible membership plans ranging from daily passes to monthly and annual memberships. While we do provide discounts for longer-term commitments, we understand the dynamic nature of our community and aim to cater to their changing needs via our dynamic desks marketplace.

Our members will have dynamic experiences enabled by technology such as:

(1) Earn while you are present - automatically earn rewards while in the building.

We created a reward system for your presence that we call Proof of IRL. The more time in the building = more rewards. We want you to engage in the community. It's that simple.

(2) Earn while you are away - Have a desk but leaving town? We give members the ability to list your space to approved members as a daily rental. Your desk has the potential to become productive ! Think of it like airbnb for desks and memberships.

(3) We're designing pathways for members to gain access to commercial real estate investing.

Vibe Check. Have you managed property before, can I see more on your pilot location in SoHo?
Of course, take a look here at our links and press coverage in the NY Times, iHeart Radio, and more.

How much will membership and space be?
Membership, desks, offices, gamer pods will be similar to market prices of other co-working offerings.

Can I host events or workshops?
Yes, once we're up and running. Please add your name to the interest form and we'll keep you updated!

Can I invest in the Property?
Accredited investors are able to explore what we're building currently, however in the future, we intend on designing pathways for non-accredited investors to be able to participate by leveraging the Regulation A+ exemption.

Accredited investors can see details of the offering here.

Can I use your tech for my community or membership program?
Glad you asked! Potentially. Please email: support@empiredao.xyz

Who can I contact to ask more questions?
Sure, you can:
email: support@empiredao.xyzmmunity

Are you planning on expanding to other cities?
Yes! We want our membership to include a global network of our or our partners buildings.

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