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We build community through accelerator services, events, our venture collective, and innovation hubs.  

In the fast-paced world of capital allocation, staying ahead demands a deep understanding of emerging business models, direct insights into deal flow, and the ability to solve critical blockers for your portfolio companies where possible. That's where we come in. As your partner, we offer you an "Edge" and  "Reach" that will help you improve the commercial success of your investment strategy and empower your portfolio companies to thrive. Let's explore how ‌‌

Part 1: The Edge  

We separate the rug pulls from the rock stars. Our critical eye for quality teams will help curate your insights and connect you to deal flow across digital and engaging IRL events. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify promising startups early on, curating through Durable, our accelerator, giving you the competitive advantage you need to make informed investment decisions.

Part 2: The Extension

We help empower Your Portfolio Companies. As a capital allocator, your success is tied to the growth and success of your portfolio companies.We become the Robin to your Batman, a co-pilot in your journey. We work closely with your portfolio companies, offering guidance and connections to their just-in-time problems. From access to critical hires to strategic problem-solving, we provide the support and expertise needed to accelerate their growth trajectory.

Part 3: Amplify Your Brand

We understand that building a strong brand is a crucial aspect of startup success. Through our partnership, we offer brand amplification opportunities that help your portfolio companies gain visibility and leads that stand out in a crowded marketplace. We host high impact engagements that connect your companies with the right stakeholders, potential partners, and customers, magnifying their impact and paving the way for long-term success.

Let us be your strategic partner, providing the "Edge" you need and the "Extension" that takes your portfolio companies to new heights. Contact us today to learn more and gain a competitive edge in the world of investing.

Partner with EmpireDAO