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Tell me more about Empire DAO

We are a membership based co-working and social club building a unique, peer to peer desk sharing marketplace, where our members are   “AIR DROPPED”  rewards for the time they spend in our spaces.

EmpireDAO is a vibrant destination for both emerging and established founders, artist and gamers to work on and showcase their pursuits.

We activate “TOKEN OPERATED PLACES”  which uses technology to connect digital communities to our physical spaces that create vibrant experiences.

We will be:

  • a space to work, test products and connect in person with forward-thinking, like-minded members.
  • A peer-to-peer desk borrow market where members can rent, list, send, and receive desks to and from each other as smooth as email.
  • A space to showcase the best entrepreneurial exhibitions where you can also purchase products and services curated by members and its partners.
  • A highly-competitive but fun gaming space, the ggRoom.
  • A vehicle to drive audience growth for almost iconic but less-accessible brands.

Conventional club for the internet age