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Tag and Tokenize Office Assets

 The use of NFC (Near-Field Communication) tags can significantly upgrade the user experience (UX) of crypto products and services. By enabling immediate, touch-based interactions, NFC tags not only accelerates transaction processes but also minimizes the chances of human error, which can be especially consequential in the realm of crypto. The integration of NFC with blockchain applications allows us to realize one of our design principals, which is to abstract away the technology from the user experience wherever possible.  By introducing a new interface, NFC Tags, makes the technology more accessible to the general public, paving the way for broader adoption and smoother day-to-day transactions. We're applying these concepts to commercial real estate, integrating tags and tokens across our spaces to unlock dynamic experiences to an otherwise static co-working model. There is a lot to be excited about when thinking through the  benefits of bringing office assets  onchain and here is a preview of how we're thinking about it.