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Is EmpireDAO actually a DAO?

While EmpireDAO is not currently a DAO, it's crucial to understand that we're on a structured path to get there. Our approach is threefold: First, we're an "O," or Organization, laying the foundation with brick-and-mortar spaces that reflect our values. Next, we plan to automate these physical spaces, moving into the "A" or Automated phase. Finally, we'll transition into a full-fledged Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO.

Think of it like Netflix. They started as a DVD-by-mail service, pivoted into online streaming, and then became an industry-changing entertainment company. We're doing something similar but in the world of decentralized organizations.

Each of our physical buildings will serve as local DAOs, contributing to the overall ecosystem of EmpireDAO. This synergy will further decentralize our operations and grant our community true ownership over both digital and physical realms.

So, in essence, we're in the arena building, testing, and refining. We're committed to a future where digital meets physical, all under the decentralized governance of EmpireDAO. Our mission is consistent: to push the boundaries of what a DAO can be and evolve into an entity that melds the tangible and virtual worlds in Web3.